Meet the only bot you need for Discord

Colorize your server with ErensiBOT, one of the most popular Discord bots, with its many features.


Fully Customizable Systems

Colorize your server with ErensiBOT's diverse range of features like moderation, security, logging and message triggers.

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Advanced Security Systems

Protect your Discord server from any threats with our advanced security systems.

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Reaction Role

Let your members take the roles they want by reacting to messages or clicking buttons.

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And so much more...

Auto ModerationLet ErensiBOT do the moderators' work for you with link blocking, ad blocking and so much more
Custom BotGet the best out of ErensiBOT experience with your very own fully customizable custom bot
Message TriggersAutomatically send text or embed messages in the way you want by setting message triggers
GreetingSend customizable welcome messages, give roles and clean the nicknames of newcomers
LoggingKeep track of everything happening in your server with our fully customizable logging system

Start colorizing your server!