Refund Policy

This Refund Policy describes our policies regarding the handling of refunds in general and does not serve as a legal base, neither is it approved by professionals. It is used to lay down the foundations for any decision made upon requests. Any point listed here might be reason for permitted initiations of any refund.

Possible Reasons

Listed below are possible reasons that might permit the initiation of a full or prorated refund.

  • Any kind of unauthorized transaction that was not undertaken on your behalf but financially affects you.
  • Every situation in which you are not successfully receiving or unable to access promised premium perks. All of the reasons above require viable proof in order to be accepted as possible inquires for the initiation of a refund.

Non-Acceptable Inquires

Below listed are situations in which any kind of refund will not be initiated due to non-acceptable reasons.

  • Any situation in which you actively or passively forgot to cancel your ongoing subscription.
  • Any further non-believable reason without feasible argumentation. Please do note that we are unable to accept inquires in situations listed above due to financial reasons.

Important Notes

In order to successfully come to an agreement please remember to behave patient and pleasant. Performing a chargeback on behalf of the payment processor your transaction was handled through will not work out in your favor! In most situations we are able to fight such cases in order to remain with our right. Without prior contact to the team behind ErensiBOT you might end up being excluded from the usage of our services indefinitely.

Contact Us

If you believe your situation is viable for a refund you may wish to contact us via our email address [email protected]